Monday, March 17, 2008

Dreams and those stories that happen while you're sleeping

I've been bombarded with a lot of dreams lately. Some are of the "while asleep" variety, where I've gone back to high school, went on a not-very-exciting road trip, and traveled to Europe.

Sometimes it stinks to wake up, sometimes I'm very glad that what I was dreaming about wasn't actually real.

The other dreams I've been associating with lately are the awake kind. The kind where your mind wanders into "what if" territory. I guess the future is so vast and changeable that we need to imagine different scenarios for our futures. Sometimes I get excited about these dreams. I imagine such great possibilities that life seems to be full of chances and opportunities. Other times I am overwhelmed. How could I possibly turn my dreams into reality?

Appropriately, I found this blog today, by the author of the book "Getting From College to Career." Her guest blogger tackles this very subject today. Check it out.

Oh, and I also found the "Twenty Something Bloggers" group today, and joined! I'm very excited to check out all the new (to me) blogs there!

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Stephanie said...

Welcome to 20sb! There is no end to the variety of bloggers you will find amongst us! Enjoy!